One of the most unique offerings put up by the company in the 1960s, the Gibson GA-79 RVT Amp offers a vanguard design and enveloping stereo sound in one package. Designed with independent preamps in a dual 10" speaker design, the GA-79 is capable of up to 30 watts of power and comes packing odd-bird components like Jensen P10Q speakers and 6BQ5 tubes in the output stage. The real star of the show here is the ability to kick in three-dimensional stereo reverb and tremolo and lather up waves of sonic wash.

Product Specs

  • GA-79RVT
  • Brown
  • 1960s

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Reviews for the Gibson GA-79 RVT 2x10 Stereo Combo
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  • Gibson GA 79 RVT

    Verified Purchase

    Get one. It’s such a special amplifier. Can be used for all sorts of guitar sounds. I love its clean tones. The reverb is unique, as is the tremolo. Just be ready to make some tweaks to an older amplifier. Nothing big. It’s worth it! I really like the guys I bought it from. So helpful from start to finish. Gibson amps are underrated. I love them.

  • Gibson Slant Fronts Rule!

    Verified Purchase

    The GA79-RVT, like its other slant front siblings, is a true stereo all tube amplifier manufactured in the early to mid-1960's by Gibson. Independent channel inputs and controls feed into separate output transformers and respective 10 inch speakers. Four EL84 power tubes yield about 15 watts per s…