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The EB-3 was released as a dual-pickup upgrade to the EB-0 in 1961.  The EB-3 had a metal cover over the bridge pickup, as well as a 4-position rotary tone switch. The EB-3 is considered more desirable to collectors than the single pickup EB-0. From late 1969 through 1971, Gibson used a slotted headstock design on this model.

Years of Production:
1961 - 1979

Body Style:
Double cutaway solidbody

Wood Composition:
Mahogany body, Mahogany neck, Rosewood fingerboard

Design Elements: Two humbucker pickups, 30 1/2-inch scale length, dot inlays, large clover-shaped tuners

Finish Specifications: Cherry Red was the only standard finish offered on the EB-3 until 1971.

Notable Players: Jack Bruce, David Knights, Mike Watt

Note: Model pictured features non-era pickups.

Product Specs

  • EB-3
  • Cherry
  • 1961

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