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Reviews for the Gator GL-ELECTRIC Lightweight Double-Cutaway Electric Guitar Case
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  • Awesome Case - Best of Both Worlds

    Verified Purchase

    This is a beautiful, tough and lightweight case. Hardshell encased in tough nylon hide... maybe not tough enough for a KISS or AC/DC world tour, but definitely tough enough for regular gigging musicians, and saves a few pounds off your aching back. I actually got this for my BC Rich Eagle (which doesn't fit), but it fits my Ibanez Strat perfectly... so its still a WIN!

  • Perfect Bag for Tele or Strat, with the structure of hard side and the weight of a light gig bag

    Verified Purchase

    This is a ​Fantastic bag for a Tele or Strat. Very efficient it's use of space with solid protection. High-quality​ ballistic​ nylon with solid zippers