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The Broadcaster was Leo Fender's first take on the Telecaster with his new company G&L. Production started in 1985 and a total of 869 were produced before a cease and desist letter from Gretsch forced the name to be changed to ASAT, which is still in production. The Broadcaster featured a familiar T-style body shape with a pair of large MFD single coil pickups, black finish with matching headstock, black hardware, either a maple or ebony fretboard (ebony is more common), and either hardtail or Kahler bridge (Kahlers are rarer). Every guitar shipped with an inspection tag in the neck pocket signed by Fender himself.

Years of Production: 1985-1986

Wood Composition: Maple body, Maple neck

Design Elements: Two Leo Fender-designed single-coil pickups, three way selector switch, two control knobs, hardtail bridge, black hardware, painted headstock

Product Specs

  • Broadcaster
  • Black
  • 1985
Body Shape
  • T-Style

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