Send your tone soaring above the mix and get your hands on one of the original kings of transparent overdrive with the first iteration of the Fulltone OCD. Hand-built by Michael Fuller when through the decade after founding Fulltone in 1991, the Obsessive Compulsive Drive features three knobs for Volume, Tone, and Drive with up to 30dB of pristine boost and more bass and treble color than later versions. A must-have for Fulltone enthusiasts who want to round out their collection, the first series of the OCD V1 is a guaranteed avenue to searing tone.

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Product Specs

  • OCD V1 Series 1
  • White
  • 1990s
Made In
  • United States

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More Information

Fulltone was founded by session guitarist Mike Fuller in 1991. Fuller's pedals strive to deliver vintage tones with modern build-quality, and are all hand-built and tested in a Southern California facility. The OCD (obsessive compulsive drive) pedal is an overdrive designed to react naturally to the input of the guitar. The first series of the V1 OCD has more treble and bass with less compression and sustain than later versions.

Serial Numbers: #000 - #4563

Notable Fulltone Players: Keith Richards, Eric Johnson, Tom Petty