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Reviews for the Fulltone Full Drive 2 (Non-MOSFET)
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  • Fulltone Fulldrive with 3 way toggle

    Verified Purchase

    Had many of these through the years, while it's no longer the flavor of the month it seems to work well with any amp or guitar combination. Bought this pedal because I wanted an older one, and while a touch brighter than the model before it, I still find it musical and responsive. I like the FM mo…

  • Nice

    Verified Purchase

    Older model but still kicks butt.

  • Outstanding ! ( non mosfet )

    Verified Purchase

    I didn't try this pedal due to experiences with other full tone pedals that I just didn't gel with … Then I bought the TTE tape machine and absolutely loved it so I decided to try this pedal … OMG its killer … I personally don't see the TS comparisons and I like the other settings but the uncompress…

  • Best of the FD bunch so far

    These are supposedly "Tube screamer killers" according to their designer but I've yet to find one that can boot my TS-9. What these DO do is a fantastic, actually violin like, unbelievable lead tone. Some of the best live sounds I've ever heard (audio engineer by trade) have come out of this pedal, …

  • Non Mosfet with Push Pull

    Verified Purchase

    Man, I can't say enough good things about this pedal! It's so responsive! I've owned a few other full drives but this one takes it. Fantastic pedal!