Featuring a rugged chassis, Class A discrete design and a streamlined interface of volume, drive and tone, the Fulltone Fat Boost V1 brings 30dB of clean boost in a package the size of a standard MXR pedal. Capable of sending your volume through the roof without affecting your EQ, this is a great option for country picking on a solo or running the Fat Boost in tandem with other effects for a larger presence.

Product Specs

  • Fat Boost V1
  • Silver
  • 2000s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Fulltone Fat Boost V1
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  • Fantastic as a slightly dirty boost

    Verified Purchase

    I use this primarily with a hollowbody Guild into a Tech21 Liverpool direct to the PA on a pedalboard I use for small duo gigs. My pedalboard is used to level the output and fine tune the tone between my acoustic and hollowbody. I primarily want a clean sound from my Guild with the occasional sl…

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  • This is a clean boost!!!

    Verified Purchase

    Great clean boost. Doesn't color sound, just makes your original tone sound fuller and louder.I will probably leave it on all the time.This is my go to clean boost that I will probably keep forever.

  • Fat Boost

    Verified Purchase

    Big fan of it as a clean boost OR drive!

  • The original may be the best....

    Verified Purchase

    I had owned this pedal once before, could have been 10+ years ago (time flys) and the original version does not disappoint. I’ve owned a lot of the big name boutique, high dollar boost pedals and this simple and relatively inexpensive drive holds its own and in some respects is better. All depends…

  • Awesome boost!

    Pedal does add a bit of thickness to your tone without altering it. Tons off extra juice on tap with this one. I had one of these in the early 2000s and after going through several different boost pedals I have went back and its NOT coming off my pedal board this time!