Fryette PS‑2 Power Station Integrated Reactance Amplifier

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An innovative take on the reactive load attenuator, the Fryette Amplification Power Station takes the method of safely knocking down an amplifier's power and combines it with a big, bold, dual 6V6-based power amp to go beyond mere attenuation duties. The Power Station can handle 150 watts, reducing it to near-whisper volumes, and features Presence and Depth controls, as well as dual EQ curve switches—all of which are useful for post-attenuation tone shaping.

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Product Specs

  • PS‑2 Power Station Integrated Reactance Amplifier
  • Silver
  • 2010s

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In addition to attenuation, it can also be used to do the opposite; taking a small amplifier and beefing it up with more volume, big amp punch, and extra headroom. It's also great as a clean, transparent power platform for modelers or other preamplifiers. If that isn't enough, the Power Station comes with the handy addition of an effects loop, which is invaluable when using it with a vintage amp that doesn't have one. Fryette's Power Station does an awful lot of things very well, adding incredible flexibility to a rig of any size, making its 599-dollar price tag seem more than reasonable.