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Reviews for the Friedman Tour Pro 1530 Pedal Board w/ Riser, Bag
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  • Well designed, built like a tank, versatile

    Verified Purchase

    15"x30" is a big board, but it's quite light, despite being incredibly sturdy. Friedman nailed the design here. Not only are there two tiers, but the lower tier is flat, making it even easier to reach pedals in the upper tier without hitting those on the lower tier. It's also much lower to the groun…

  • Great pedalboard

    Verified Purchase

    If you want a pedalboard that will last for years, then get this board. The 15x30 is big but it’s actually really lightweight. The two tier design is great. Having easy foot access to the back row is the best. Why aren’t there more designs like this? Is Dave Friedman a genius or are all other pedal…