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The Focusrite ISA 828 is a top-notch 8-channel preamp based on the mic pres in the fabled Focusrite Forte console and the ISA110 input module. Cut the whole band at once with transformer-coupled goodness, selectable input impedance and switchable high-pass filter to get rid of any unwanted rumble. Up to +80dB of gain on the mic pres means you've got enough juice for even the lowest output ribbon and dynamic mics, and the first four channels have direct inputs for recording guitar, bass and synths through the ISA circuitry. If you're out of analog inputs on your interface, just pick up the digital option card for the ISA 828, giving you 8 channels of A/D conversion to bring into your interface with ADAT lightpipe, AES or SPDIF.

Product Specs

  • ISA 828
  • Gray
  • 2010s

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