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The Focusrite ISA 428 MkII is a 4-channel rackmount mic preamp with DI based on the design of the classic Focusrite Forte console mic preamp from the ISA110 input module. Each channel has selectable mic, line and instrument inputs for use with all the gear in your studio. The Lundahl transformer-coupled mic pres offer switchable gain range and up to +80dB available for use with even the lowest output ribbons and dynamics. Selectable input impedances, a variable high-pass filter and switchable insert point round out each channel of the ISA 428 MkII. Out of analog inputs on your interface? No problem. Grab yourself the optional digital card and you'll have eight more channels of A/D to take into your interface via ADAT, AES, or SPDIF.

Product Specs

  • ISA 428 MKII
  • Gray
  • 2010s

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