The FMR Audio Really Nice Leveling Amplifier (or "RNLA" for short) is a stereo compressor in the same third-rack format as the famed Really Nice Compressor, but with balanced outputs and a decidedly more "colorful" sound. The result is a tiny little workhorse that sounds like classic optical compressors (yes, really) with a handy logarithmic release mode that changes the curve of how the RNLA "lets go" of the signal, restoring transients under heavier gain reduction.

Product Specs

  • Really Nice Leveling Amplifier RNLA 7239
  • Silver
  • 2000s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the FMR Audio Really Nice Leveling Amplifier RNLA 7239
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  • Suits Me

    My first hardware compressor, and I'm very happy with it. The main reason I settled on the RNLA is because it's supposedly more characterful (which, after all, is the reason I wanted a hardware compressor). It was affordable and it works like a charm. If you're looking for more transparent compress…

  • Awesome tool for warm mono or stereo compression!

    Verified Purchase

    I am well beyond the honeymoon period with this compressor and I can still say that I am extremely impressed with it's simplicity and sound quality. I've used this for recording bass guitar and vocals, sounded awesome. I had some questions about settings so I called FMR Audio and their customer supp…

  • Verified Purchase

    The name says it all, it sounds really nice. The option of stereo or mono operation, as well as the implementation of TRS inputs that work with insert Y-cables, mono or stereo 1/4" cables, makes the RNLA super flexible. It is definitely not transparent, but it has a wonderful gooey warmth that makes…