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FLEA Microphones is a high-end and custom microphone manufacturer based on Slovakia which specializes in replicas of vintage German and Austrian tube microphones, as well as direct replacement parts for the genuine microphones and clones from other manufacturers.

The FLEA 49 is a replica of the Neumann M 49, specifically the M49b revision. The FLEA 49 uses FLEA-manufactured F7 (M7 replica) capsule and BV11 transformer, as well as a hand-selected triode tube to replace the AC701k found in original M49s. The FLEA 49 power supply has three selectable polar patterns -- cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional. The FLEA 249 is identical in every way save for the output connector.

NOTE: Pictured microphone is a 49, not a 249. Updated images coming soon.

Product Specs

  • 249
  • Nickel
  • 2010s