Fender Vintage-Style Standard Series Stratocaster Bridge (Pre '06), Gold 2016

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Reviews for the Fender Vintage-Style Standard Series Stratocaster Bridge (Pre '06), Gold 2016
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  • Did the trick

    Verified Purchase

    I have an oddball Fender strat. The neck is MIM and the body is Japanese. When it came time to replace the bridge the easiest and cheapest way to go was a MIM bridge. I had to make extensive adjustments to the body but the results are great. The bridge sounds much better than Japanese version.

  • Great piece!

    Verified Purchase

    Used as an upgrade for An old Strat. Exact match so swapping it out was easy. It did require some fine tuning for string height but other than that it sounds, plays and looks great. It’s an easy way to freshen up an old guitar.

  • gold hardware set

    Verified Purchase

    Fits perfectly on my 2006 Mexican Strat which is in black with a rosewood board. The gold really makes the guitar stand out and it also looks like my idol John Mayer's guitar together with pearloid tuners.

  • Verified Purchase

    Fit was perfect on my 2012 mim standard and was able to dial it in to where it works great and stays in tune pretty good.

  • Perfect fit for MIM Strat

    Verified Purchase

    For the $$, can't go wrong! Stamped 'F' saddles, gold looks killer, perfect fit on MIM spacing, sure would function fine on American Strat as well.