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Reviews for the 1960's Fender Villager 12-String Natural
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  • Focused easy player

    Verified Purchase

    Background: My workhorse 12 string has always been the 2004 Ovation 1866-HFX Legend, the sound is balanced but maybe slightly on the jangly side. Other is the 1973 Martin D-12-20, the neck is wide but the sound is warm and smooth. The Fender Villager that I acquired is a 1966 Mk xii C, CBS era made…

  • Amazing I'm so happy with it

    Verified Purchase

    The guitar came in a box filled with so much packaging and protection for the guitar as well as a beautiful free case wrapped in bubble wrap. The guitar has some expected wear for its​ age but it sounds like a dream. He gave me a great deal and was really helpful and nice. Thank you so much I'll never part with this guitar!