Fender Super-Sonic 60 2-Channel 60-Watt 1x12" Guitar Combo 2010 - 2014

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Reviews for the Fender Super-Sonic 60 2-Channel 60-Watt 1x12" Guitar Combo 2010 - 2014
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  • Real Fender Sound

    I feel like if you wanna get the best fender-like sound from a strat, this Super Sonic is the best option for you. It's got some power and some warmth that's hard to beat I love it

  • First real Fender Amp and I love it!

    Verified Purchase

    I've been pining after this amp since I saw Greg Koch demo it on youtube. Great amazing cleans. I'm still learning the Burn channel but I threw some new JJ tubes in and its awsome. The next thing I'll do is swap out the V30 for a more GT75 or ET90 type speaker to put a more British tone on the burn.…

  • Verified Purchase

    Great sound!

  • Transparent Overdrive

    I have a later model (with the script logo). For strats and teles it is the best out there, if you want overdrive at low volume. What is unusual, is the overdrive is very transparent, almost like what you get from a tubescreamer, except with tubes instead of transistors. I wish Fender still made these; the Super Sonic 60 is my favorite Fender amp.

  • Badass Amp!!!!

    Run mine 95% of the time on the vintage/bassman channel. Awesome pedal platform. Amp sounds full and meaty at volume levels over 3 on vintage side. Burn channel is a beast of many colors. Used Twin Reverbs back in my gigging days. Loved them but even they didn't compare with what one of these things delivers for tonal options. This Amp is the BOMB!