Fender Stratocaster Olympic White 1963

When the Fender Stratocaster debuted in 1954, it came from the factory with a Maple fingerboard. After the Jazzmaster was launched with a Rosewood fingerboard, the Stratocaster designed followed suit in 1959. 

The era of production between 1959 and 1965 is known for the distinguishing Rosewood fingerboard and three-ply celluoid pickguard that gained a greenish tint as it aged. These models represent the last of the highly sought after pre-CBS specimens. 

During this era, a three-tone Sunburst finish was standard with custom colors used in limited production. Olympic White was one of the more common custom colors but still garners a higher market value than a Sunburst finish. 

Years of Production: 1954 - present

Wood Composition: Alder body, Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard

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