Fender Strap Locks (Chrome) (2) 2016

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Reviews for the Fender Strap Locks (Chrome) (2) 2016
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  • Verified Purchase

    These puppies certainly do the trick, I bought Fender because I wanted genuine for my fender bass, they don't disappoint.

  • Buy these instead of the new Schaller 445s

    The only difference between these and the originals, is that these say Fender on the bottom instead of "made in Germany".

  • Solid strap locks

    Verified Purchase

    Solid strap locks with a nice chrome finish. The components are quality and I haven't had any issues releasing the locks. However, I did spend some time installing on my 2 inch guitar strap. The threaded post in my opinion are shallow when using the washer with thicker straps but will fit after ins…

  • Perfect.

    Verified Purchase

    Perfect strap locks for my purpose.

  • Love the locks

    Verified Purchase

    When I order from Amazon they are here in 2 days and cost $11.49. Took them over a week on Reverb plus they were $15.00