Fender Standard Roland Ready Stratocaster 1998 - 2005

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The Roland Ready Stratocaster was a made-in-Mexico standard set up with a Roland GK-2A  pickup installed just in front of the bridge. This allowed it to model various guitar and synth sounds when connected with compatible GR-series Roland devices. Included mini-switch and two additional buttons. Available in arctic white, black and brown sunburst (slightly more valuable). 

It could also plug directly into an amp and function as a normal Standard Series Stratocaster.

Years of Production: 1998 - 2005
  • Later models can be found here
  • Product Specs

    • Standard Roland Ready Stratocaster
    • Arctic White
    • Black
    • Brown Sunburst
    • 1998 - 2005
    Made In
    • Mexico

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