The Rumble 350 is a 350w bass head crafted with a lightweight and portable design.

Features: magnetic Rumble attachment system, three voicing options, overdrive circuit, XLR line out

Product Specs

  • Rumble 350 Head
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Fender Rumble 350 Head
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  • Fender Rumble 350 Head

    Verified Purchase

    This amp head is an older version of the Rumble 500 Head. although it is rated as a 350 watt amp it performs excellently and delivers ample volume with great bass sound.. I have an existing one already and will feed both through an A-B-Y switch. Cool, lightweight Amp when combined with Rumble 2x8 or 1-12 cabinets.

  • This sound's crazy

    Verified Purchase

    I have had several bass rigs in the last few years trying to find something that get's me where I want to be tonewise. I've had GK, Ampeg 450, Hartke LH1000, and Ashdown MAG220. Funny thing is this solid state Rumble 350 is getting me there. I like the ease of control and the simplicity of it. I'm s…