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The Princeton Reverb developed out of the original Fender Princeton amp which was also known as the Student model. As the title suggest, the Princeton Reverb added a reverb circuit and control. This amp used Fender's Blackface cabinet style up until 1967 when a switch was made to the Silverface style. 

Years of Production: 1964 - 1981

Features: 12 watts, 6 control knobs, 1x10-inch speaker

Notable Players: Mike Bloomfield, Brian Setzer

Product Specs

  • Princeton Reverb
  • Silverface
  • 1980
Made In
  • United States
Reviews for the Fender Princeton Reverb 1980
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  • 1981 Fender Princeton Reverb

    Verified Purchase

    Best Sounding Fender Princeton Reverb I've Ever Played, And I've Played Them All, Reissues, Pre CBS Model's , Even The George Alessandro rebuild's. This Year model Is # 1, The last year of the blackface, point to point. GREAT Amp ! THANKS !

  • Princeton Reverb - Perfect Fender Small Amp

    Verified Purchase

    Very surprised by the tone coming from this amp. For a smaller amp it has a very full sound, plenty of bass, smooth highs. Not sure why I waited so long before picking up one of these up.