1979 Fender Princeton Reverb Silverface
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The Princeton Reverb developed out of the original Fender Princeton amp which was also known as the Student model. As the title suggest, the Princeton Reverb added a reverb circuit and control. This amp used Fender's Blackface cabinet style up until 1967 when a switch was made to the Silverface style. 

Years of Production: 1964 - 1981

Features: 12 watts, 6 control knobs, 1x10-inch speaker

Notable Players: Mike Bloomfield, Brian Setzer

Product Specs

  • Princeton Reverb
  • Silverface
  • 1979
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Fender Princeton Reverb 1979
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  • Fender Princeton Reverb 1979

    Verified Purchase

    I picked up this amp for a friend and he is ecstatic about the tone and performance of it. Having finally gotten to try it myself, I am quite impressed by the tone and versatility of the Princeton! Typical Princeton review. What can I say? It has a great clean sound and wonderful breakup when pushed…

  • Nothing like it!

    Verified Purchase

    I grew up playing silverfaces in the 70's. To this day, I don't think I have found better sounding amps. My 1979 Princeton delivers on that warm buttery feeling with natural tube distortion built for a strat/LP. Clean it up, add a little reverb and a touch of vibrato, and you have a lush sound bui…

  • Verified Purchase

    All the hype about Princeton Reverbs is true! I love the amp and I have a vast collection of vintage Fenders to compare. I may take others suggestion of a celestion g30 gold speaker for a more defined low end but otherwise it's incredible.

  • Its great

    Its a princeton reverb. Its has that shitty pull switch, but leave it be and its just as it should be - LUSH with that princeton spank. The other guy is mad because he got a lemon, so blames all years related to pull boost for being 'junk'. Internet is full of misinformation like this. Dont be a sucker, use your head.

  • 1979 Princeton Reverb Push-Pull

    Verified Purchase

    Recently bought (and returned) a '79 Princeton. Stay away from these 1978-1981 pieces of junk! Amp had a loud "hum" soon as warmed up, and the volume pot was noisy and scratchy. And don't think you can just swap out the volume pot with a new one; the wiring has to be re-done! (That's if you want…