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Since its introduction in 1951, the only major design change for the P Bass was the use of beveled edges brought about in 1954. Part way through 1957, however, Fender radically altered the P Bass to be more in step with the increasingly popular Stratocaster. Design updates for 1957 included a new split-coil pickup, a new smaller anodized aluminum pickguard, a wider headstock that more closely resembled that of the Strat, and a switch from string-through body construction to the strings terminating at through the bridge. These updates were not universal till mid-year, so many '57 P Basses (like the one pictured) still carry the original features of years previous. This variation will impact the value of '57 Precisions. 

Years of Production: 1951 - present

Unique to this Year: 
Pickup, pickguard, headstock, and bridge design changed mid-year.  

Body Style: 
Double cutaway solidbody

Wood Composition: 
Adler body, Maple neck

Design Elements: Split single-coil pickup with staggered pole pieces, aluminum pickguard, 34-inch scale length, dot inlays (examples from earlier in year carry design of '56 P Bass)

Notable Players: Geezer Butler, Roger Waters, John Deacon, Sting

Product Specs

  • Precision Bass with Plastic Pickguard
  • White
  • 1957
Body Shape
  • P-Style