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As the first production model bass guitar, the Fender Precision bass was an absolutely revolutionary instrument upon its introduction in 1951. Built as a bass counterpart to the Telecaster, the Precision or P Bass evolved throughout the ‘50s with changing electronics, body shape, and cosmetic details. The first major change to the design came in 1954 when the body was switched to include contours on the edges. 

Years of Production: 1951 - present

Unique to this Year: 
Examples from 1954 include both slab and contoured body types. Typically the earlier slab style examples go for more.  

Body Style:
Double cutaway solidbody

Wood Composition:  
Ash body, Maple neck

Design Elements: Single-coil pickup with level pole pieces, black bakelite pickguard, thru-body construction, 34-inch scale length, dot inlays

Finish Specifications: Blonde or Butterscotch Blonde was the standard finish on Precision basses until 1954. 

Notable Players: Geezer Butler, Roger Waters, John Deacon, Sting

Product Specs

  • Precision Bass with Slab Body
  • Blonde
  • 1954
Body Shape
  • P-Style