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Reviews for the Fender Player Jaguar HS 2018
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  • Fender player series jaguar 3 tone sunburst

    Verified Purchase

    So far I really enjoy this guitar. The only con I’ve found with mine is a little fret buzz which should be an easy fix. Sounds great out of the box and looks awesome too!

  • Fender Player Jag

    Verified Purchase

    Neck is a bit thinner than I like, but guitar looks, sounds and feels great....Love it!

  • Fender Jaguar Player

    Verified Purchase

    Great guitar at a good price point, but one major flaw that makes it mostly unplayable. The bridge design is flawed and buzzing is nearly impossible to avoid through setup tweaks. Google Jaguar bridge buzz and you will see tons of people with issues. I wish I had known before buying. It’s fixable, but requires switching out the bridge in many cases.