Fender Original ’57/’62 Strat Pickups, (3) 2016

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Reviews for the Fender Original ’57/’62 Strat Pickups, (3) 2016
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  • Verified Purchase

    Acheté pour upgrader une vieille copie de strat des années 70 avec un manche en érable, le son est transcendé. Seul soucis, le diamètre des têtes de vis un peu trop large qui butaient sur les capots des micros. Rectifié à l'aide d'un touret et plus de problème.J'ai réglé les hauteurs des micros comm…

  • yeah cool

    Verified Purchase

    yeah cool

  • Yes!

    Verified Purchase

    Modded a Squier Standard Strat with these and it is one of the best mods I have done. Highly recommended.

  • excellent

    Verified Purchase

    I used these to swap out the ceramics in a very lightly used, pretty new standard MIM strat and the difference is just ridiculous. Sounds gorgeous and clear with that proper strat sound, where before it was kind of muddy and indistinct. Widely exceeded my expectations.

  • Great vintage pickups - worth checking out

    Verified Purchase

    I have used these to upgrade Squier and 1980s Made in Japan Strats. They are definitely a huge improvement over stock bar magnet pickups. I imagine bar magnet made in Mexicos would likely be improved too. The sound is great, if it's what you want. It's a set of 3 same low output pickups, no differen…