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The Fender Deluxe dates back as far as 1946 when it was known as the Model 26. Like most Fender amps, the Deluxe evolved cosmetically throughout the '50s, changing from the wide to narrow panal cabinet by 1955. The Deluxe was eventually supplanted by the Deluxe Reverb starting in 1963. In this phase, the model designation was 5E3. 

Years of Production: 1948 - 1967

Unique to this Year: Cabinet changes is made larger in 1956 compared to '55. 

Features: 3 control knobs, four inputs, two channels, narrow panal front

Electronics: 15 watts, 1x12-inch speaker

Notable Fender Deluxe Players: John Fogerty, Neil Young

Product Specs

  • Deluxe 5E3
  • Tweed
  • 1956
Made In
  • United States