Fender Champion 600 5-Watt 1x6" Guitar Combo 2007 - 2012


The Fender Champion 600 reissue is an affordable tube-driven combo amp based on the highly collectable originals from the 1950s. The vintage examples beg to be cranked, and the new ones are no different. Simple as can be with just a volume control, you can plug into the high-gain input and goose up the volume for dreamy, creamy overdrive tones, or tap into the low-gain jack to hear the Champion 600 clean up nicely. A single 6" speaker moves just the right amount of air for recording, and the Champion 600 also makes a great solo practice amp.

Product Specs

  • Champion 600 5-Watt 1x6" Guitar Combo
  • Two-Tone Blonde / Brown
  • 2007 - 2012

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