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Reviews for the Fender Bassman 100 Head Silverface 1970s
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  • "Fender bassman 100 mid 70's"

    Verified Purchase

    Probably the cleanest amp ever! So clean, you can plug an acoustic/electric guitar into it, sounds amazing! 100 watts of all tube power, gets very loud! So loud, it's probably wise to have ear-plugs when you play it! My ears were ringing for 2 days after I first played it! Takes any pedal very well,…

  • An oldie but has a good vibe

    Verified Purchase

    Lots of negative press on the Fender 75. And some of it is justified. A limited production run of an amp that was to complete somewhat with Mesa Boogie at that time. I gigged with one for about 4 years in the 80s. It took a while to dial it in but when it was, it was a great little amp. Purchased th…