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Similar to the Jazzmaster in style and form, the Bass VI was an attempt by Fender to launch a successful 6-string bass with a range a full octave down from a typical 6-string guitar. Like most Fenders, the Bass VI's design was altered after the CBS-buyout before production ceased entirely in 1975. The model has been reissued a few times since. 

Years of Production: 1961 - 1975

Unique to this Year: By late '63, the pickups on the Bass VI were switched to more Jaguar-like with side notches. Foam rubber mutes and a forth control switch were also added. 

Design Elements: Three single-coil pickups, dot inlays, Jazzmaster-like body, adjustable bridge saddles, floating tremolo system, master volume and tone controls, on/off switches for individual pickups

Notable Players: Rick Danko, Dan Auerbach, Jack Bruce, Robert Smith

Product Specs

  • Bass VI
  • Olympic White
  • 1963
Body Features
  • Offset
Fretboard Material
  • Rosewood
Number of Strings
  • 5 String
Right / Left Handed
  • Right Handed
Reviews for the Fender Bass VI Olympic White 1963
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    C'est un instrument fabuleux mais difficile a jouer. Je le recommande plutôt aux guitaristes. Accordage guitare "classique" possible, mais les cordes sont parfois trop souples avec cet accordage. Donc faire très attention au choix des cordes. A monter uniquement en filets ronds (les plats annulent l…