Fender began reissuing the classic Reverb tank starting in the '90s. This unit was made in brown, black, blonde and tweed.

Years of Production: 
1994 - 2016

Notable Reverb Unit Users:
Stone Gossard, J Mascis

Product Specs

  • '63 Reverb Unit Reissue
  • Black
  • Blonde
  • Brown Tolex
  • Lacquered Tweed
  • Tweed
  • 1994 - 2016
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Fender '63 Reverb Unit Reissue 1994 - 2016
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  • Lush, classic, iconic reverb

    These have become a bit procey these days, but if you want THIS sound, it's worth it. They are well built and simple to use. A one trick pony but the trick is pretty great.

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  • No emulation possible- incomparable

    Verified Purchase

    It's simply the best- incomparable. There's no way to replicate the texture created by the tubes and springs seeing the signal first before feeding into (especially) a fender tweed amp. If these were more affordable there would be no market for digital reverb pedals.

  • Pedal Killer!!!!

    Verified Purchase

    I've been reading the chat threads for forever and a day, and have cycled through the best pedals on the market in my own search, including Strymon's flagship Big Sky/Blue Sky and the t.c. electronic's Hall of Fame, etc. Pedals just plain suck. Why do we crave amps with onboard reverb? (I own a 1965…

  • Fender 63 tube reverb reissue

    Verified Purchase

    Great reverb. Can get a very wet (drippy) sound that I can't get from my 67 Super Reverb. I don't know why Fender discontinued making them. Love it!

  • Verified Purchase

    Amazing gear and reverb unit. It really works well for mixing as well as tracking separate instruments. Sounds amazing as well!