Fender 50th Anniversary American Deluxe Stratocaster Sunburst 2004

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Reviews for the Fender 50th Anniversary American Deluxe Stratocaster Sunburst 2004
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  • More than the sum of it's parts...

    Verified Purchase

    There is no substitute for the clean, woody sound of a strat (IMHO) and there is no better strat that exemplifies this quality than the 50th Anniversary Deluxe. I have the same guitar in the standard version with nickel hardware and custom shop wound pups and it is a different (not better or worse)…

  • All the features plus it sings

    Verified Purchase

    Guitar has Bill Lawrence SCN pickups with S1 switching, as well as a delta tone pot in the bridge. When I got the guitar it was set up so badly it wouldn't stay in tune. Set it up with no issue to fender specs and it sings. It might be one of the nicest things I've touched.....

  • Best year of all stratocasters 50th anniversary .

    Best workmanship of all year of the stratocaster,fret work is so good and the electronics are sound so good

  • Perfect Guitar

    Verified Purchase

    An excellent example of this 50th Anniversary Strat. I am Very Satisfied !

  • 50 year Anniversary Strat

    Verified Purchase

    I own around 180 guitars (1950s vintage to 2011) mostly Fender with a few Gibsons, Guilds, Mosrites, Taylors, PRS, Gretsch, Rickenbackers, Ibanez, Valdez, and others figured into the mix. I've got to say this 50-year Strat is one of the easiest playing guitars I own, and a real pleasure to play. Brings back the fun again.