EVH Striped Series Electric Guitar Black/Yellow

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Reviews for the EVH Striped Series Electric Guitar Black/Yellow
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  • Exactly what I hoped for.

    Verified Purchase

    This EVH striped series electric guitar is so good! Everything about this guitar is quality.I've played and compared both the EVH Mexico by Fender and the Charvel EVH Art series and the EVH Fender is a wise choice.The pickup is vintage hot..the hardware is good..the fit and finish is top notch. This is a killer guitar.

  • Fantastic Guitar!!

    Verified Purchase

    Required a setup, but after that it plays incredible!! The neck feels awesome and the jumbo frets make it easy to hit harmonics at will. After the setup was able to achieve super low action. The Wolfgang pickup gets incredible tones!!! I own an EVH charvel art series in red black and white and fel…

  • Awesome

    Verified Purchase

    Really fun guitar to play. Neck is so smooth

  • Sound And Function A+

    Verified Purchase

    It sounds great. It sustains incredibly well. I love the harmonics. The action is spectacular. I love the Floyd Rose whammy and locking nut system. The D Tuna is cool. I love the humbucker but do not care for the dirt collecting holes next to it. I can see that being a future problem. I do not like…

  • The proper bling for the job...

    Since I did most of my homework before acquisition, I received pretty much what I expected. Doing a ‘mini tribute’ of EVH songs, the two puzzle pieces needed (look and action) had to be in place. The ‘action’ piece comes from the dialed-in Floyd, and a decent (fast) neck. As for the neck, I was h…