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Reviews for the Eventide Mod Factor Modulation Pedal
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  • Hard to beat Eventide sounds

    Verified Purchase

    While the ModFactor is not a new product, I find it very versatile and allows for reducing the number of pedals on a board. In my opinion, Eventide delays are the nicest out there, and they have achieved similar success in the Mod Factor. Their Rotary effect is superb without getting all muddy and…

  • Swiss army knife of modulations

    Verified Purchase

    After having tried a Strymon Mobius (uninspiring, anemic sounds, occasional midi glitch), a Line 6 HX Stomp (lots of midi brain farts resulting in system freeze, bland sounds, and a Boss MD500 (lovely sound, deep mods but the wonkiest midi implementation I've ever seen), I settled on the Eventide Mo…

  • Verified Purchase

    It's awesome!

  • Modulation madness

    Verified Purchase

    Great pedal with some ways to go deep - lots hidden under the hood and I'm still exploring. Being a keyboard player the break and slow/fast options are essential and really provide for an excellent Leslie effect. Also being able to break some of the other effects too really ads a fantastic element o…

  • Great......if it's for you.

    Verified Purchase

    Real nice sounding unit. But If you want to replace a bunch of small stomp boxes you've grown comfortable and familiar with, in my case a Boss RT-20, MXR Micro Flanger and Dunlop Uni-Vibe (the older big one with the genuine Uni-Vibe circuit) that could be a task; some severe culture shock. But I'm …