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Reviews for the ESP LTD EC-256 Cherry Sunburst
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  • Excellent ax

    Verified Purchase

    This guitar would be a bargain at three times the price. If you can't afford a Gibson LP, this and not Epiphone is the way to go. I may upgrade the pickups but so far they are just fine.

  • Verified Purchase

    This is a great guitar at any price point, beautiful finish, and heavy, notes sustain forever. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for their first or fifteenth guitar.

  • Outstanding!

    Verified Purchase

    Mine has a beautiful cherry/amber finish. I upgraded to active Seymour Duncan Blackouts and this guitar rivals Epiphone and real Gibsons at a fraction of the costs. I love the inlays and the guitar plays great. ESP has a winner with this mahogany set neck guitar! I own 12 LP style guitars and this EC-256 is the best in my collection.

  • Beautiful. I am very pleased with what I got for my money.

    Verified Purchase

    I'm still a bit of a beginner, so I don't claim to have high expectations, but I couldn't be more pleased. This guitar appears to be very solidly put together. It needed a little bit of setup out of the box, but it feels great. I don't like the strings that came on it, but that's easy to change.…