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Reviews for the Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul Custom GX Plus Black Cherry
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  • Amazing prophecy

    Verified Purchase

    Beautiful and sounds amazing!

  • Old Fashioned Gibson Top Quality

    Verified Purchase

    This Epiphone is TOP QUALITY guitar construction. Plays as good as ANY Gibson Les Paul I own and have owned over the years. Its versatile sounds are historic to traditional Les Paul attribution. This axe is 100% "off the chain".

  • Epiphone Les Paul Custom GX Plus Top

    Beautiful guitar, pickups have enough power to over drive twin Texas heat speakers. The neck is extremely fast with jumbo frets on rosewood. Can't say enough about quilting on top of body. The triple ply binding on head and body set off the gold tone Grover's. The action is set to nowhere but up. It…

  • Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul Custom GX

    Love this guitar! Play it a lot! Is as nice as some of my high end USA model/brand guitars!

  • Blown away!

    Verified Purchase

    I've owned a lot of Gibsons, and we all know their workmanship has gone downhill over the years. This China made Epiphone is like the US Les Pauls of the 70's. Amazing workmanship. Great fretwork! No "nibs" (what was Gibson thinking?) Comes with $280 of Gibson's best pickups. No shielding though - so it's a bit noisy but an easy fix.