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Reviews for the Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II
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  • Verified Purchase

    Great guitar

  • Helluva Jazz box for the money!

    Verified Purchase

    Just bought a used JP Emperor II Archtop. A lot of bang for the buck; nice looking, amazing finish quality, decent neck, big body (which, heads up, is definitely prone to feedback). Mine will get a few mods like a TOM bridge, maybe change the pups. But for what I paid ... it's still a steal and waaaay cheaper than an ES-175.

  • Fell in love with hollow bodies.

    Verified Purchase

    Liked my first one so much I bought another just like it in case I wear one out. They sound and feel fantastic with small amp volumes down low enough to hear the acoustic side of things. With the big amps just barely turned on, you get some real nice energy flowing through your hands with some good …

  • Jazz Gem!

    Verified Purchase

    Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor plays like a dream - full archtop jazz resonant, with a full range of sound options - pickups are superior - Neck pickup generates that Kenney Burrell buttery, creamy tone palate - action is sweet and low - can play for hours on end with comfort.

  • Verified Purchase

    Beautiful guitar in excellent shape exceeded my expectations.