Epiphone G-1275 G1275 Double Neck Doubleneck Cherry 2010s


Epiphones take on the iconic Gibson EDS-1275 doubleneck, this monster of a guitar offers a 12-string and a six-string configuration on an SG-style body.

Wood Composition: Mahogany body, Mahogany necks with Rosewood fretboards

Design Elements: Four humbucking pickups, four control knobs, three three-way selector switches, tune-o-matic bridges

Product Specs

  • Limited Edition G-1275 Doubleneck Electric Guitar
  • Cherry
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Korea, Republic of

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Reviews for the Epiphone G-1275 G1275 Double Neck Doubleneck Cherry 2010s
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  • Verified Purchase

    Just got it this week. Very weird guitar, didn't go out of my hands since i received it, trying to play TSRTS . As i expected she feels like i must do the full full setup including fret dressing, crowning & so on. The electronics feels very sheep, I might change them all including pots( to CTS) an…

  • Pretty damn sweet

    Verified Purchase

    Has its issues, but that can be expected for something this unusual. It’s enjoyable, a bit excessive...but then again, so is all rock and roll

  • The newer model is a good value for the price

    I have owned 2 of the Epiphone 1275's and have a Gibson EDS 1275 as well...there seem to be at least 3 styles of this model from Epiphone; an older model with bolt - on necks ( which I've never tried ), a flame maple top version with beveled edges, and a more recent model with a beveled Mahogany ply…