In the boutique pedal realm, creating a truly unique effect only happens on occasion. As a functioning modular system laid at your feet, the Empress ZOIA Compact Grid Controller Multi Effect is one such occasion. Combining a synth, a smattering of effects, a sequencer, a usable keyboard and more, the ZOIA operates by creating and combining modules with 64 savable patches. If you thought you knew everything a pedal could do, is a new, moldable world of sonic creation.

Product Specs

  • Zoia Compact Grid Controller
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Empress ZOIA Compact Grid Controller Multi Effect
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  • A Lego machine for sound. Terrific device

    It is hard to explain what it does, but it is super intuitive and once you understand how to manage the modules, you can create anything from a Synth, a multieffect or even a regular overdrive. All patches are switchable via MIDI so you get great access once you save your presets.

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    This is it, the ultimate pedal. It is by far the most in-depth, powerful pedal ever created. Empress took a unique and brilliant idea and brought it to life, and the outcome is simply amazing. The ZOIA does it all—recreates other pedals, samples, sequences, synthesizes, loops, verbs, delays—everythi…

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  • Fantastic

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    This thing is amazing, there honestly isn’t a lot you can’t do with this thing. And the best part is that everything you can do you can customize it to exactly how YOU would want to use it. Tap tempo for everything, presets with in presets, incredibly unique modulation options. I’m a guitar player s…

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  • Zoia is amazing!

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    This little box does everything, it’s really both amazing and inspiring. Works great with anything, guitars, synths or on its own..The fact that you can add patches make it even better.

  • Thats that good good

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    Protip: Assign effects parameters to a midi faderbank for more playability.