If you want true control over your compression, get everything you would find on a studio compressor but in a pedal with the Empress Compressor. Squash your sound down or throw on a slight sustain using the Empress Compressor's multiple-ratio analog design. Control the attack and release of your compression, use the Mix knob to blend your compressed and uncompressed signals, and Meter your gain, reduction, or both simultaneously.

Product Specs

  • Compressor
  • Blue
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Canada

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Reviews for the Empress Compressor
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  • Absolutely Brilliant

    Verified Purchase

    Hands down the best compressor I have ever used. It is not only ridiculously transparent but versatile as well. I can't recommend this pedal enough do yourself a favor and buy it!

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  • Empress did it again!!

    Verified Purchase

    This Compressor is so quiet and so transparent you only know it's working when you turn it off. The three way switch for graphic switching is one of the best parts of this pedal. The side chain function I haven't messed with but demos look awesome. Get it!!

  • Studio Compressor In A Pedal.

    Verified Purchase

    I love that it functions like a studio compressor. I have it after my Infinity Looper and plan on using it for bass tracks as well. Really cool it has a side chain to experiment with.

  • El mejor compresor que he probado.

    Verified Purchase

    Un compressor con muchas posibilidades.

  • Best compressor I've had

    Works well with bass and guitar.