Emerson S5 5-Way 250K Prewired Stratocaster Kit

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Reviews for the Emerson S5 5-Way 250K Prewired Stratocaster Kit
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  • Verified Purchase

    Too easy of an install for such a drastic tonal change. Definitely worth the money

  • What an upgrade!

    Verified Purchase

    I recent bought the Emerson S5 5-Way 250k prewired Strat Kit and found it to be an easy install and upgrade to my 2003 Fender Start American. I’ve been making some small upgrades to my guitar and this was one of the last items I touched. The guitar sings now and am seeing a more expressive tone come…


    Completely opened up the Fender Fat 50's in my Stratocaster...

  • Love it!

    Verified Purchase

    I feel guilty buying these pre harnessed- but I'm too busy recording and performing to also wear that hat too. As it is-a lot of my guitars have switches in strange locations- volume closer to my pinky for swells, the selector switch is out away from where I inevitably bump into it, etc, etc. So I d…