After classic analog muscle in a modern package? The Emerson Pomeroy gets you two channels of pure analog boost, overdrive, and distortion with a whole spread of tweakable options. Stack the channels or operate them independently to get up to 24dB of clean boost and six separate clipping voices plus three-band EQ for drive and distortion tones from across the spectrum. A streamlined pedal with a world of grit to offer.

Product Specs

  • Pomeroy Boost/Overdrive/Distortion
  • Black
  • White
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Emerson Pomeroy Boost/Overdrive/Distortion
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  • Good Pedal But There Are Better In This Price Range

    Verified Purchase

    As much as i love Emerson and have been DYING to get this pedal ever since they released it, I was disappointed when i received it. It sounds....Digital, extremely Digital. It was very "Tinny" sounding and went from either super light over drive to crazy metal distortion and there was really no in …

  • Superb pedal.

    This pedal doesn't get enough recognition. It's versatile, is quiet, and best of all--is stellar sounding. The boost section is transparent--it just makes your signal louder. I hope Emerson continues to grow as a company and that others get a chance to experience this pedal. Try it!!

  • Bite + Body

    Verified Purchase

    Excellent pedal. Replaced nice TS and Blues Breaker clones. This can do it all with the 3-band active EQ - from mid-bump to transparent. The clean boost side is very powerful, and really fills in the gaps. I couldn't sleep on it any longer once the price dropped, and glad I didn't. It's been on …

  • Among my top five pedals ever.

    Verified Purchase

    So versatile, so adjustable, so killer. Truly powerful. Thank you Emerson!