Crafted with a formidable sound engine sporting 1GB of onboard storage, eight intuitive MIDI tracks for your hardware, and eight stereo audio tracks complete with individual multi-function filters and an LFO, the Elektron Digitakt goes beyond the company's analog history into seamless, pristine performance. More than capable of acting as the command center for your live rig, the long-awaited Digitakt also comes packing USB-supported Overbridge technology to plug directly into your preferred DAW for total control. A sleek piece of powerful technology you'd expect from the minds at Elektron.

Product Specs

  • Digitakt
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Elektron Digitakt Eight-Voice Digital Drum Computer/Sampler
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  • Amazing sampler

    Verified Purchase

    I've had an mpc before, and this thing kills it. So easy to navigate everything, so many features, very intuitive. Works great and sounds amazing. Also the usb connectivity makes adding samples easy and while I haven't used overbridge much yet, the little I have messed around with it shows how much you can do with it through the computer.

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  • Instant Classic

    Verified Purchase

    Despite some of the limitations ( no additional memory, only 1 gb//no timestretch//) better than most of the products out there which are honestly a bit outdated the Digitakt seems to be the best option for an up to date sampler/ sequencer that is neither cheap or extremely expensive. Right out of…

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  • Inspriation machine.

    Verified Purchase

    So awesome how easy and quick it is to sketch and create incredibly interesting and complex soundscapes with this machine. I love playing with it alone to just mess around, or within my synth rig to develop greater sounds. My only critique is that I wish it had a song mode, but this might affect the…

  • Digitakt workflow, sequencer

    Verified Purchase

    Digitakt has really nice sample manipulation options, and the 'motion sequencing' or parameter locking is fantastic. Overall sound quality is great. Truly, the sequencer is where Digitakt truly shines... whether live or in the studio.... once you are accustomed to the workflow, sequencing with Elekt…

  • Verified Purchase

    Love this thing.