Combining the inimitable organic character of analog with the expansive design Elektron's built its name on, the Elektron Analog Keys Synthesizer corrals 37 touch-sensitive weighted keys and a four-voice polyphony engine each built with dual sub-oscillators, dual analog-oscillators, dual analog filters, and dual LFOs per voice. A behemoth for solo work or music production thanks to its fluid MIDI connectivity, this synth easily translates to the stage with a specially designed Performance mode allowing direct access to 15 user-generated parameters controlled via the onboard joystick. At home in your desktop production rig or on stage pumping out lush synthesis, the Analog Keys is a flagship product in every sense of the word.

Product Specs

  • Analog Keys
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Sweden

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Reviews for the Elektron Analog Keys Synthesizer
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  • Awesome machine!

    I own a lot of synths, and I'll never sell this, great for sound design and ambient textures, modern sound, can get weird unique sounds (with modulations and the included fx) that I can't get with my vintage synths that easy, so it has its place in ny setup.

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  • A do it all Machine

    Verified Purchase

    I've spent about a month with the machine designing sounds and navigating the UI and I must say, its everything you could ask for in a synth in terms of sound design and usability. When I design a sound I ask myself what qualities I need or want in it (soft, sharp, bright, mellow, wavy, restless), o…

  • Fantastic Synthesizer, But With A Steep Learning Curve

    Verified Purchase

    The Elektron Analog Keys is one of the most interesting and capable synths that I've ever used, but it has a steep learning curve and is probably best for people that are interested in creating music with multiple independent sequenced voices, rather than for people that want to play polyphonically.…

  • Elektron Analog Keys

    Verified Purchase

    Howdy folks! Golly this thing is really swell! Next best thing to a soda down at the fountain with my girl! Closest I got to a real live martian in my livingroom! Well I was able to talk to them using my secret decoder ring i got out of the back of Buck Rogers comix. Anyways, so long yall! May…