Elektron Analog Four MKI
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Elektron Analog Four 4-Voice Analog Synthesizer


The Elektron Analog Four has, as the company says, a digital mind but an analog soul. This 4-voice analog synthesizer has a completely analog signal path for organic warmth, has a sequencer that can store up to 64 steps per pattern, two analog oscillators per voice, and can actually be used to control other gear. Powerful and compact, the Elektron Analog Four packs analog voicing with a ton of shapeability into one synth.

Product Specs

  • Analog Four
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Sweden

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Reviews for the Elektron Analog Four 4-Voice Analog Synthesizer
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  • Love this thing, just a few caveats.

    Verified Purchase

    Pros: AMAZING for composing stuff and I haven't even learned it in depth yet. The squencer makes it so easy to make stuff with. So many features that I'll probably never really learn them all. Cons: Sounds good overall but it does leave something to be deserved in the warmth department. Coul…

  • It Sounds Like Acid

    I know, weird title, but seriously, I felt trippy when I plugged this thing in for the first time. I never quite understood how amazing multiple tracks were until I got this machine. I owned a BassStation II before getting the A4, and it's like I have 4 more mono synths at my setup! I am not a fan …

  • Sexy Sexy Synth = ignorent

    Verified Purchase

    Don't listen to that guy. This is a great piece of gear. I own two and the things you can do with them is just awesomeness. I will admit there is a learning curve but this is no introductory synth. If you know what you're doing you can craft beautiful sounds. If you don't invest time in learning... …

  • A must have synth

    Verified Purchase

    This really does sound fantastic. Very warm bass sounds, ambient pads, and the drum sounds are quite legit as well. This my first elektron, so there has been a bit of a learning curve but after spending some time with it, I can see why so many people enjoy the work flow on these machines.

  • Sexy Sexy Synth

    Verified Purchase

    Really great piece of gear. Its obsolete with the new Elektron additions, but this unit is great for someone getting into elektron gear who wants a introductory product. Good for learning the Elektron workflow. Biggest downside is that there are only four tracks so if you want to do drums your pretty limited.