Electro-Voice EVM12L Classic 12" 8 Ohm 200w Replacement Speaker


Since its 1983 release, the EVM12L Classic 200-watt speaker has been referred to as “the world’s greatest guitar speaker.” While that is ultimately a matter of opinion, there is no doubting that EVM12L is a great guitar speaker. For those guitarists who want to swap out their speaker—whether for sonic reasons or because they’ve blown their current one—the EVM12L will no doubt become your new workhorse speaker.

Product Specs

  • EVM12L Classic 12" 8 Ohm 200w Replacement Speaker
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Electro-Voice EVM12L Classic 12" 8 Ohm 200w Replacement Speaker
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  • Superb Clarity

    Verified Purchase

    This speaker feels like it weighs a ton, and it jus might! But it provides plenty of headroom, so that come cry never comes in to play. It also (to me at least) seems to provide the most faithful reproduction of the guitar, the pickups, any pedals in play and the amp. It doesn’t color the tone like…

  • Electro-Voice EVM12L 220w

    Verified Purchase

    Sweet tones, solid presence and amazing versatility with Mesa-Boogie MKIIb

  • Thanks

  • Best Speaker for Mesa Boogie Mark V

    Verified Purchase

    I've been searching for the best sounding speaker for my Mesa Boogie Mark V head, this is it by far. I've tried it with greenbacks, creambacks, Voice of the World, G12H30, G12T-75, G12-35XC, Scumback J75, Celestion seventy 80. Even when I tried mixes of this EVM12L with all those others it always…

  • ECM 12 L space best speaker

    Verified Purchase

    ECM 12 L . best speaker One of the great speakers especially from early 90 years that went into Mesa cabs. beautiful for clean and overdriven Knouff said