Built with an unobtrusive chassis, separate LED color indicators and dual-stomp design for routing separate amps or both at once, the Electro-Harmonix Switchblade Plus Advanced Channel Selector makes navigating big rigs easier than ever. This little controller's fully passive audio path retains the original clarity and strength of your signal for no interference in tone or effects. Perfect for metal guitarists.

Product Specs

  • Switchblade + Advanced Channel Selector
  • Black / Blue
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Electro-Harmonix Switchblade Plus Advanced Channel Selector
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  • It’s a passive aby pedal

    Verified Purchase

    The has a 9volt input to power the lights so that you know which switch is engaged, which is useful in a dark place. Also the tuner output is a great option. It doesn’t have all the fancy switches to help you avoid out-of-phase issues that some of the expensive pedals have but it does what’s it say it does and can be had at a low to fair price.

  • Great amp selector for those who loves using dual amps

    Verified Purchase

    yes, it is hard to find channel selector like this, no batteries needed, i need it to use between overdrive and fuzz simultaneously in 2 different amps.

  • Verified Purchase

    Great channel selector. I use it both for accessing two channels on one amp and using two amps at once. Fun combinations.

  • Verified Purchase

    Works great. Very quiet. No battery required!

  • Works well

    Verified Purchase

    For what it is, this things works VERY well. It says it needs power for the LEDs to work but if you plug it in from your powered pedals that seems to make the LEDs work just fine! So overall a very useful ABY box, I didn't notice any added noise or tone loss either. Can't beat it for the price if you want to a run a stereo rig, which I recommend you do!