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Reviews for the Electro-Harmonix Super Pulsar Tremolo
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  • Great trem pedal

    It sounds great, has a ton of options, has expression pedal control, etc etc etc. If you don't use tremolo that much, or you only want a straight forward pedal, then you don't need this thing. But if you use trem a lot, then I can't recommend it enough.

  • Is there such a thing as too much Tremolo? Tremolno!

    Verified Purchase

    The Super Pulsar is a ridiculously versatile Tremolo pedal. If you're just looking for a basic Tremolo this probably isn't the pedal for you because you can get one that is smaller and cheaper but if you like options, look no further than the EHX Super Pulsar. Tap tempo, check. Expression control, c…

  • Super fun pedal!

    Verified Purchase

    So many uses! Still learning what this gem will do! And placed after the SuperEgo+, just magic :)

  • Good for experimentation

    Verified Purchase

    EHX have exposed just about every parameter you could imagine on this thing and given it a physical control, the envelope driven controls in particular allowing all kinds of weird and wonderful possibilities. Docked one star for the manual - not because it's incredibly cheap photocopy pamphlet but f…

  • You'll be happy after using 10% of it's capabilities

    Verified Purchase

    Needed a tap tempo tremolo with the option of expression and an external tap tempo... Welp, this has those and then some! The envelope is an amazing feature that I didn't think I'd use that much, but I've had it on a low setting since I tried it and don't plan on turning it off anytime soon. The p…