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Reviews for the Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phase Shifter
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  • The Classic 1970s Phaser

    Verified Purchase

    The Small Stone does one thing, and does it well. Simple to use, providing immediate results. I use the 'Stone with my analog synths and it excels at this. The input can take line level signals if you don't push it too hard. Lush, swirly, and hypnotizing phase awaits!

  • You cannot beat this phase pedal

    Verified Purchase

    I consider this the "go-to" phase sound. With just a few knobs, it lets you customize your sound from a little glimmer that you can barely notice to full psychedelic phase. I play this with everyone of my guitars, and have grown dependent on it. Nothing sounds quite the same without it!

  • Item completely functional! Great buy!

    Verified Purchase

    Case showed its age, but worked great!

  • I Wish, I wish...!!!

    I wish I still had my original Small Stone phase shifter I bought in the 70's - it was the second guitar pedal I had ever purchased...I put it behind an old Big Muff and straight into a battery powered Pig nose amp with my 1976 Black Gibson SG. Sounded sweet even through a cheap battery powered a…

  • Fantastic Sound - SmallStone EHX from the 70's

    Verified Purchase

    The Classic SmallStone EHX from the 70's is the best! I use it together woith a classic Crumar Performer. The sound is so smooth, unbeleveble. JM Jarre Style. Had also the new EHX Nano, you cant compare it, it sounds awfull metallic. My unit has a weared down Case, but the sound is Awesome. I am very happy with it.