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Reviews for the Electro-Harmonix Ravish Sitar Pedal
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  • Hard to figure out

    Verified Purchase

    I like it; bought it solely to play one song, Signed Sealed delivered. I am getting some good sounds out of it but having really a tough time to figure out sounds. Never had an effect that requires this much work.

  • Great price, fast delivery

    Verified Purchase


  • Disappointed

    Verified Purchase

    I have not beeb able to use this pedal because it needs a special power supply that was not disclosed in the description.

  • Complicated,too many parameters

    Maybe u need all of this to do it right,but.. u have a zillion presets,and then u need to set the harmonizer to the right key,or a 5th,etc.. most presets are filled w Rush-Tom Sawyer type synth-envelope fx, u need to scroll thru presets to find one w no synthy, filter effects. THEN u adjust your …

  • An amazing sitar replicator.

    This is the only sitar effects pedal out there that really sounds like a true sitar. Absolutely no noise. Not only can you dial in sitar tones reminiscent of Norwegian Wood, you can create new sounds never before imagined to be possible. BOTTOM LINE: I'd absolutely recommend this to a friend.